Monday, 10 September 2007

Pump and Burn

Very fed up with Orange and our 'non-existent' Internet connection!!!!! Sorry this post is late - all complaints should be forwarded to their head office!

Not risking pictures - maybe in a few days.
Today saw the start of our first full week with the girls back at college. After a couple of days last week to get reorientated into early mornings, LeeLee decided there was no excuse - it was time to commence the exercise regime.

And since misery loves company, she insists that it would be good for me to join in as usual. Excuse me - but I am not the one who binged on takeaways whilst in England!!

Anyway, 5:50am the alarm goes off. I knock on their doors (yes - Nic decides that this is obviously something all collegians do) and for half an hour all three of us 'pump and burn' to an exercise DVD in the sitting room. I hope none of the village can see us?! It is not a pretty sight!

Afterwards, its a queue for the shower and then me yelling up the stairs at regular intervals 'Hurry up - only XX minutes until the bus arrives'. Finally a quick panic as they both rush for a last visit to the toilet, always just as the bus appears on the hill of course!

7:20am and peace reigns once again in our household.

Whilst we are exercising, the dog peers down through the railings of the mezzanine - wonder what her doggy brain makes of it all?! Probably not a lot - I think you have to have a brain cell in order to have a thought.

When she hears the front door slam, Xena rushes down to howl 'they have left me all alone' only to find I am standing there with her lead in my hand. Yes - even the dog gets some exercise in the mornings - well from today anyway.

She got more exercise than normal because she decided to race down the hill after the girls as they were heading onto the bus - luckily Sussex Spaniel enthusiasm for running lasts about 30 seconds before apathy returns!

Richard? He slept through it all. Sensible man.
Move the clock on to 20:30pm. We pick up Xena's lead for our evening promenade around the village before bed - and she looks at us as if we are mad! Two walks in one day?! You must be kidding! No way, José!

Not one to be beaten by a four-legged dumb animal, I order her out the door - after which she proceeds to drag every one of those four feet round the village. In the end, I had to actually put her on the lead and drag her along!
Meanwhile, all Richard did was laugh........

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