Sunday, 30 September 2007

Party La Sesquiere

Whilst LeeLee was enjoying herself in the middle of nowhere (see yesterday's post!) Richard, Nic and I were in a garage.....enjoying ourselves last night with friends in the village.

Always wondered why virtually every French home has a huge garage? To have parties in of course! And every time we go to one - Richard is so jealous - he really yearns for a large garage like everyone else has.

We got there at 20:00 and were only the third to leave at 1:00am - it went on for a while!

The food was great - and SO SO MUCH. Richard gave up on the last couple of courses, he was so full.

Me - I paced myself and had a bit of everything. I absolutely adored the 'potatoes and ceps' dish - an incredible combination of flavours. Our local experts are not too hopeful though - they do not think the mushroom season will be good this year.

Thirty people were at the party, ranging in age from:

3 years old

to two 80+ years young!

With the rest of us in between. It was great to see so many generations represented - as is always the case here.
What did we all talk about? Just about everything - except one noticeable exception. TV programmes are never discussed round here because no one watches the box!

They shot two sanglier this morning. This year's quota for our sector (La Sesquiere) is very low because the numbers of sanglier are down. However the sector right next door has a very high quota this year - it seems all our sanglier have emigrated 1/2 kilometre down the road!

The two oldest present had just had a series of injections into their knees to relieve their arthritic problems. Paulette had both her knees done and finds she is moving around like a youngster - and says she felt nothing when it was done! Nicole had one knee done (which had been smashed in a car accident many years ago) and said it hurt. But is pleased with the results.
Richard is going to see the same specialist tomorrow - he will try anything to put off having to have a knee replacement operation!

Thibault arrived with a box of snails - and proceeded to add to their number during the party, with Nic and little Juliette in tow all around the gardens. We threatened to cook them (the snails not the children!) for the party - and they (the children not the snails!) ran away.

Our neighbour's breton spaniel dog gave birth to eight puppies this morning - as a result of an unplanned 'get together' with our other neighbour's springer spaniel. With only four puppies 'assigned' to new homes, the other four were put down straight after birth. Might seem callous to us, but here they consider letting unwanted animals 'live' as cruel. None of the local children were bothered by this decision (and it was not hidden from them) - they accepted it as a natural part of life.

In the last few years, it is astonishing how many of the 25 - 55 year olds have given up smoking. The teenage generation are still heavy smokers in comparison to other countries, but certainly their parents have taken to heart the health risks.
The two smokers at the party automatically stood outside the garage when they needed a puff.
Social Diaries:
Both Richard and I are quiet, stay at home people but in a village like ours we get invited to join in with anything and everything.
I am now booked to go to an exercise and yoga class tuesday evening in the next village - with about 5 other ladies from our village.
I received invitations to go with friends to two different hairdressers - just because I asked one where they all went to get their hair cut!
Nic is booked to go to HipHop/Funk dance classes with Thibault, and I resisted gym sessions specifically designed to deal with un-firm bottoms!

We were the only English, our friends Riet and Albert were representing the Dutch at the party - whilst everyone else was happily French. It was quite funny seeing how, at times, the wrong language was spoken to the wrong person - getting worse as the evening progressed and the alcohol consumption increased!

Photos courtesy of Nic who wielded the camera all evening!

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