Friday, 7 September 2007

One Of The Good Ones.....

Sometimes a teacher comes along who will linger in a child's mind all their life - for all the good reasons.

After just two days of the new school year, LeeLee has come home in awe of such a person.

Her SVT professeur is a young man, but oh is he one of the good ones! With a class of 26 students not very much younger than himself and with a high proportion of boys, he has them listening intently, participating actively in all the discussions and WANTING to work hard!

First lesson:

He informed them that he would be giving them a test the next day - but not to worry because it was going to be the same test that he gives to the 4iemes ie the class they were all in 3 years ago! So obviously (he says) he knows that they are not going to have any problems with it, but that it would give him an idea of how they structure their answers.


Every one of them rushed home, demanded of their parents where their old old school books were, and sat up revising throughout the evening. No way were they going to let him think they were not able to pass a test designed for 12 year olds - they are 17 you know!!

Second Lesson (The structure of the Earth, surface to the centre):

Instead of lecturing to them and getting them to take notes, he first asked them to get into groups and to build up a diagram of their idea of what the Earth is made of - any ideas welcome as long as they can give a reasoned argument.

These were discussed and then he handed out several sheets showing the actual structure - but each sheet had one error, and a different error on each sheet.

They participated in open discussions to work out the correct structure - by using logic to decide the error on each sheet.

They all took part, and loved every minute - it was like no lesson they had ever had before. On the bus home they were bragging to the other classes that they had the best teacher in the school - so there!

The homework he gave out for next week's lesson has already been done by LeeLee - long may this continue!!
The Pumas won!? Oh, how depressed all our friends and neighbours are going to be. And how 'rubbing it in' LeeLee will be on the bus tomorrow!

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