Monday, 17 September 2007

New Rivers

Internet down again, but I won't blame Orange this time because.........we had no electricity either!

I blame our Best Man who sent us an e-mail asking whether it was sunny down here! Within a few hours, the lights started flickering, the computers went down along with the satellite and we then lost all power in our village. All hell broke loose outside as we made sure we had torches and candles everywhere important - like the loo!

I grabbed the camera (I am starting to remember I am a Blogger first and foremost!) and took some photos of Capimont as it disappeared within the torrents of rain sweeping our way.

In the time it took me to do this and then run to the front door (camera in hand of course!), we had two new rivers rushing past us.

One coming down the road past the front of the house (top middle down towards the post box) and another down the chemin past the side of the house (from the left, flowing towards the post box), to join it.

The chemin river rushes past our steps:

Unfortunately it also brings all the stone debris from the chemin with it to clog the drain just by us - and they only cleaned it out a couple of days ago! They must have known what was coming!

If you look carefully, you can see the rain POURING down between our side patio doors and our remise, and off our neighbours roof to join the rivers. Absolutely incredible - brilliant sunshine one minute, a monsoon the next. We never have drizzle!
Lessons to be learnt:

1. Old houses were built when they KNEW where the rain would go during a storm. Our house does not have any damp even though it gets surrounded by the new rivers - we are built on solid rock mountain-side!

2. Beware new villas - often built during the warmer months, and with no allowance for rain and natural springs. Our village is FULL of natural springs which only appear on days like today. Several new villas (built by non-locals) have actually been put right on top of some of these - I will leave you to imagine what happens then! One we know has had to have three permanent water pumps put in its basement just to cope with days like today!

3. If you go out for a little while in bright sunshine - remember to batten down the hatches before you go, just like the locals! The flash floods come quickly and go just as fast - but, my goodness, they bring some water with them.

4. Keep an eye on your (local) neighbours. If, when going to bed, you notice them putting everything away and shutting up shop - it is usually because they know exactly what is coming during the night. We have learnt our lesson - we ignore Michael our neighbour at our peril! I cannot remember the number of times when we have had to get up in the middle of the night to brave the elements and put our outdoor furniture away before it disappeared over the wall!

By the way - it is brilliantly sunny again!

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