Friday, 21 September 2007

It's a Small Small World

Our friends who took us out for dinner this week, came round for a meal here tonight. We enjoyed a great evening! Think I will feel it tomorrow though .....

Another friend came over from England this week to work on his house in the village - and asked if he could take us out for a meal! We like friends like that!!

However, we said - why not come round tonight and join the party! Andy is also an ex-copper, and we knew he would get on well with everyone - coppers always do. They can chat to anyone, about anything and for as long as you like! Maybe I was meant to have been a policewoman?! Oh, Ha! Ha! Richard has just reminded me that I would not have made the height criteria!

It was interesting. Seven adults (three couples plus Andy) who only met here in the village over the last year or so, and guess what? We all live, or in our case 'lived' in the past tense, within a few miles of each other in Surrey! Spooky or what?!

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