Tuesday, 18 September 2007

****ing Felines - Who Needs Them?!

Twenty Eight minutes past midnight and our unmentionable feline has just run in meowing strangely from the side of her mouth. And dropped a very lively, long-legged, kangaroo-hopping mouse next to me which has proceeded to run over my feet as I am typing. What has Smokey now done? Pushed off - she feels she has done her bit by 'bringing' a present to the party!

Finally got to bed and snoozing happily. Tonight I decided to celebrate not having guests in the house by leaving our bedroom door open as we prefer. It allows the cool air to circulate round the upper rooms under the roof and there is no risk of shocking our guests because we sleep in the nude!

Early hours of the morning, and excited meowing signals that the cat is also pleased to see our door open - she loves to snuggle up to us in bed, after waking the dog by snuzzling up to her first!

Dozed off only to then be woken up by said cat playing with something. Richard mutters that he will kill her if she has brought him a mouse again - and I tell him to shut his eyes whilst I turn on the light to check.

I then tell the cat to leg it quick since a delicately placed dead rodent is lying under Richard's foot......

We only agreed to let the kids have a cat each in order to tackle the mouse population in our stone built ruin. Did not expect them to import their own when our supply was exterminated!!!

Did feel guilty this morning though.

Got up at the unearthly hour of 5:50am for our exercise routine. Staggered into the kitchen afterwards to make a much needed cup of tea. Noticed that the shutters were shut - and had been throughout the night, during lots of rain.

Oops! Forgot we had a cat. Forgot to open the shutters before I went to bed last night! Opened them immediately this morning!

Two seconds later, a very aggrieved, high speed feline charged through the cat flap. A very wet feline unfortunately!

Today, she has barely moved off a chair in the sitting room and scowls at anyone who goes past.

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