Saturday, 8 September 2007

Homely Pleasures

What simple pleasure you can get from the most unexpected things - including making stuff to go in the store cupboard!

Remember the profusion of tomatoes we grow every year - and the fact that Richard is the only one that eats them......

Well today he picked a mountain, roasted them in the oven and then ran them through our fancy juicer/coulis maker.

So after a very tasty lunch of homemade (NOT Heinz!) tomato soup with garlic croutons, we bottled the remainder for the future!

And spent an afternoon admiring our handiwork. Sad or what?!
What joy - I can sit here typing in the semi darkness, actually seeing the keyboard!

I wear contact lenses that you leave in for two months at a stretch, then take out and throw away. You then have to do without them (wearing glasses if you are as totally blind as I am!) for two days before putting the new lenses in.

What's the trouble? I hear you asking....

Well, in one word - miserliness!

Some years ago when my prescription changed I bought a pair of glasses as well as a pair of prescription sunglasses. And goodness they cost a fortune when you have such bad eyesight as I have!

Within one month I had lost the glasses, of course.

Now I cannot see (no pun intended!) the sense in paying out yet more money for glasses I only wear for two days in every two months. Which means I have to wear my prescription sunglasses for those two days in every two months - irrespective of how wintery the weather is - or how dark it is inside the house!!

And much to the hilarity of the girls, Richard and just about all the village who have seen me looking like the 'Blues Brothers' whilst deep snow is all around!

This morning the new lenses went in - and wow - is it bright or what today?!

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