Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Friendly Bacteria

Never in a million years did I expect to hear the girls arguing over plain yoghurt - each wanting to make sure the other did not get more than them!

Now I do not know about you, but plain yoghurt is not something any of us have ever liked. We have a yoghurt a day - Richard likes fig ones; the girls like almost any other flavour except fig (!) and I am happy to have whatever is left.

At school here, plain yoghurt regularly features as the dessert - on its own, with fruit in some form or with crunchy bits. I realised that LeeLee and Nic were eating it there - why?! Because they had cottoned on to what their friends did - which is add a sachet of sugar, or a spoonful of confiture.

So I thought - why on earth am I spending money on flavoured yoghurts when they will eat plain with a spoonful of jam! And that's what I did. After a few initial grumbles, they settled down to this each day - the person that held out against the idea was Richard!

Then I remembered I actually had a yoghurt maker somewhere (used once many years ago and then hidden away!) and decided to have a go......

.....and the very next day, the girls were arguing about who should have the most! They are hooked! Oh, all right, maybe 'hooked' is a bit of an exaggeration but certainly LeeLee is happy because she is allowed a spoonful of Nutella in hers, Nic has strawberry jam (home made of course as well!) and even Richard tried it today with honey.

I decided to put in a spoonful of the orange curd I made yesterday, and then had to give away spoonfuls to both LeeLee and Nic - who both said they wished they had chosen that option!

It looks like I will need to make some more curd as well as plain yoghurt then!

Explaining to the girls how yoghurt is made they were not impressed to find that 'friendly bacteria' was needed - Urgh! Gross! We're eating germs?!

As promised, pictures of:

1. lemon and orange curd
2. tomato and herb jelly dripping happily through a coffee filter.

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