Sunday, 16 September 2007

Divine Food.....

....Even if I say so myself.

With friends round for lunch today, I included a couple of new recipes.

First course, I found a VERY EASY recipe for garlic prawns. Using individual little oven-proof dishes, I put in a lump of butter, some olive oil, a whole pressed garlic clove and some chopped chili into each one. Being lazy, I always buy ready chopped chili in a jar - but don't tell the experts!

You then put them in the oven (about 200-220 degrees C, GasMark 6/7 - but not too crucial to be honest) for about 5 minutes until the butter is melted and everything is bubbling.

Add the uncooked prawns (de-headed, de-shelled, leaving just the tails on if you are patient enough!) to each dish and put back in the oven for about 8 minutes - until the prawns look cooked.

Serve with plenty of bread to mop up the garlic/chili butter/oil - voted superb by all!

With a guest who has a serious sweet tooth, I decided to make something to go with the after dinner coffee - sticky semolina cake squares.

Of Middle Eastern origin, you bake the sponge first (with some cardamon) and then drench it with a syrup made with orange flower water. Absolutely what it says - sticky - but impressively you do not find it sickly sweet at all - which suits me.

Orders already received for more!

No photos - it was all eaten before I remembered!


Alex said...

Having been 'away' for two weeks it's good to catch up with your posts. Thanks.

Jacqui U said...

Welcome back Alex/Jan. I have been following your trip back to England!

Very green with envy:

'Not just any food, but M&S food!'

Oh, I wish.....