Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Curd Everywhere.....

.......but not in the jars.

With all this time on my hands (both girls at the same scholarly establishment finally), I decided to be a 'Nigella' again.

Out came the recipe books and we now have jars of home-made lemon curd, orange curd - and by tomorrow, a tomato and herb jelly that goes really well with lamb.

Of course lamb was on the menu for tonight and when I decided to make the accompanying jelly - I glossed over the fact that the ingredients for a jelly need to drip though a jelly bag for several hours!

Oh well, when we next have lamb, I shall be all ready!

Of course I could not find my jelly bag (last used in England about 10 years ago so somewhere in a box in the remise I suspect!). Trip to Bricomarché, only to find they had all sold out - everyone making jelly in Hérault?!

Anyway, with a plastic coffee filter in its place - it is 'dripping' well.

I will take some pictures - and try loading them tomorrow. That's if the Internet is still running......

Lemon/orange curd is a pig to pour into jars through a sieve - it goes everywhere except where it is meant to !!

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