Tuesday, 4 September 2007

C'est La Rentrée !

Oh, to be so young and in love....with school!

Nic has thoroughly enjoyed her first day at college.

We all went in the car with her this morning, listened to the various talk sessions and then watched whilst the names were called out for each class. A bit like the 'sorting hat' in fact!

With six classes per school year, we were lucky because Nic was called into 6ieme A. This meant we could skive off home earlier than many parents! When we picked her up for lunch, she asked if she could come home on the bus at the end of school - who needs parents ?!

When filling in the application forms (last April), the children could put forward a few names of their best friends and ask to be in the same class. The parents of ALL the children concerned have to sign their agreement and the college also asks their previous school to comment - if they are chatterboxes, then they do not have a hope in hell!

Closed 'cliques' and groups do not exist down here - the children do have 'best friends' but are in fact friends with just about everyone in their class. Although this does cause problems when choosing who's coming to the birthday party, it means that a child is far less 'bothered' if they are separated from their friends.

Nic is part of a group of five 'best friends' and when this form arrived at our house, we discussed it with her. Three of the five friends had asked if all 5 could be in the same class at college. Nic decided that she would not put this special request in. She felt that, although she would love at least one of her friends to be in her class, it might restrict her ability to make new friends. She also thought that they would chatter more in class and she wanted to work hard!

In fact although two of them are with Nic in her class, she has already made some new friends today. Some of the lessons are split (Maths is 'streamed') and so for example she spends Techno with her new friends but French with her old ones. Ideal!

And guess what?! Her Class Teacher is also going to be her English teacher! This was not by design - the teachers have not yet realised that she is English - they have that shock to come! When an external English teacher taught her class last year at Primaire, she complimented Nic on her accent - and the whole class burst into fits of giggles and laughter, which an embarrassed Nic had to explain away!

Tonight Nic brought home all her books to label and cover - and had them all done by dinner time! So different from LeeLee......who leaves everything to the last minute!

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