Sunday, 2 September 2007

Bliss On A Plate

.... and in our stomachs!

Tonight we picked our first runner beans - and 15 minutes later they were in a serving dish, ready to go on our plates and then eaten. They were absolutely scrumptious!
Something else we miss down here (other than runner beans of course!) is crackling on our roast pork. The meat is always sold without it's skin - and so you never get the chance to cook up some real crackling. Until tonight....

When we were at Carrefour earlier this week, we noticed (for the first time since coming to France) that they sold pork skin. Yes! Just the skin! It cost 29 cents for a big strip.

Not sure if it would work the same, since most of the fat had been removed, we decided to have a go anyway. Roasting a loin of pork on/in the Weber barbecue, Richard also put the skin in as well over the coals - after I have scored it with a sharp knife. This was hard work and my wrist ended up numb!

And guess what - it was the best pork crackling we had ever eaten! Nicole was hooked - she has no memory of England now and so did not remember what it was. But each of us got a big bit - and then seconds! You can see the massive curl of it beyond the pork, beans, jacket potato (with cheese) and gravy made from the juices collected under the meat in the barbecue.

A wonderful meal indeed!


Just as we were finishing stuffing our faces, our friends Riet and Albert phoned to say they had arrived back - and how about coming round for a drink. Never slow to go forth - we put combs through our hair (those of us still with some anyway), a lead on the dog and set off for a stroll down to the other end of the village.

A coffee, a brandy and a couple of yummy Dutch biscuits later - and we were very content!

Our friends had even brought a bag of English books for us from their house in Belgium. Needless to say, Richard is upstairs reading one of these already! We are always DESPERATE for English books!!


Gogus said...

Good food, good company, who needs hair anyway it's over rated.
We can bring over some books in November if you have a reading list to give us an idea what to bring.

Jacqui U said...

Thank-you for the offer.

By the way - good food and good company is the life ahead of you down here when you retire. You can even bring your hair!