Saturday, 15 September 2007

Bleach, not Beach

The Internet (or more specifically ORANGE) is appalling at the moment so it is virtually impossible to get on the Net to do my blog! So apologies for the sporadic nature of my posts.

Not that you have missed much.

Got up with the alarm at 5:50am to do the exercise session with LeeLee - only to be groaned at from under the duvet. 'Oh, Mum, I need more sleep - can we give it a miss for today....Pleeeeeze?!'

Being a cruel person, I said 'NO! I am now awake, so get up!'

No, I didn't really. I went back to bed, woke up Richard as I did so (oops), and grumbled at him! He then grumbled at LeeLee half an hour later.....

Decided it was about time the house had a good clean - so that was about it, day over. One good thing did come about, though. After five years of trying everything to get the tiles on the floor of the bathroom clean, we have finally succeeded.

They are pale grey and non-slip, which is the problem. The grainy, uneven surface holds dirt and in the past someone covered them with some sort of liquid polish or glaze which has absorbed all the muck.

We saw a gallon of bleach and bought it - after much elbow grease, it is starting to make the tiles look paler! Brilliant! Richard did one to begin with and then realised that, since we had friends coming to lunch tomorrow, he would have to do the whole floor - and quickly!

We even showed the friends the floor when they came round - we were so proud of it! It seems their daughter has exactly the same problem - so we passed on our tip of the week - use Javel bleach.

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