Friday, 28 September 2007

Bad Week and Meat

I think LeeLee is just going to write off this week.

She announced last night that she would get herself and Nic up this morning, so both Richard and I could have lie-ins.

We set our alarm for 7:00am just to make sure they were both ready to catch the bus.........does this sound familiar to you?!

I got up and opened our bedroom door to be met with 'Don't speak to me!' from LeeLee.

I looked left into Nic's bedroom and I asked if she was almost ready. The answer: 'Ask her!!'

Turns out that LeeLee heard her alarm go off (vaguely!), thought she would give herself five minutes of snuggle, and guess what - her clock SUDDENLY said 6:59am instead of 5:59am!

Never did I expect to see two young females get themselves ready in 20 minutes - but they did. Mind you, I did not speak to them, so as not to distract them!

LeeLee knows from experience though that if she misses the bus, she had better start walking to college......We are such nasty parents remember!
Whilst admiring the foire de vins in our local supermarket, we saw that they were selling whole longue de porc - whole sides (between the front and back legs) of pork.

Out came the hidden 'butcher' in Richard and we bought two.

What good value! After boning them out, we ended up with two large loin joints and 28 thick chops! All for a total of 21 Euros!

Guess what we are having for Sunday lunch.......with crackling of course!

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