Wednesday, 15 August 2007

What Were You Doing 26 Years Ago ?

God knows! But I know what Richard and I, plus hoards of relations, and all our student and police friends were doing .....

They were watching us go down the aisle.

Yes it is our anniversary today - so I will take this opportunity to tell you all that I love Richard very, very much and have enjoyed a wonderful 26 years of married life with him. Here's to many more in the future!

Here we are last year celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary. Our bestman came out especially, and we duplicated a photo taken all those years ago showing the three of us (see below).

Yes, I am the short one in the middle. With Richard 6ft3 tall and Andy 6ft7 - I wore very high heels on our wedding day obviously!

The girls have spent the last few days 'secretly' making gorgeous cards for us, and decorations for our bedroom. Though you know how good females are at keeping secrets....

And Alex, if Richard starts calling me his 'little pool maiden' after reading your blog - it will be a divorce we are celebrating this time next year!


Lesley said...

Hi J & R!

Happy Anniversary to you both. I am ashamed to say that with all the pressure of getting back to work after a sunny holiday I forgot to send my card! Sorry.

I hope the girls' surprise was surprising

Love Lesley

Alex said...

Our very best wishes and congratulations to you both. Jan and Alex.

Jacqui U said...

Jan & Alex

Thank-you so much!


Don't worry - you know how forgetful I am!!

And I got my own back by posting the line-up picture with you in it!

Everyone - Lesley is the second on the right, next to Andy our bestman!