Monday, 20 August 2007

There But For The Grace Of God .....

.... Go I.
Had trouble deciding what to do today. Somehow, I managed to acquire a bad back yesterday and this is limiting our options. Out goes:

- sorting through the contents of our barn,
- clearing the chemin between our garden and the barn,
- cleaning the house ready for tomorrow's guests,
- tidying and cleaning LeeLee's bedroom whilst she is away.

The last option brought panic vibes over the telephone wires to England last night. LeeLee seemed terribly worried that I might be planning to go through her drawers whilst she is away - as if I would!?
Mind you, she has good reasons for being wary about what we get up to - three years ago she came back from England to find the walls of her room had all been knocked down, and not put back!

In the end, we decided to go looking for a desk and chair for Nic's room - ready for her move up to college in September. We had seen a good selection at Carrefour in Lattes (Montpellier) and since we already know Carrefour in Narbonne, we decided to visit the one near Sete. Don't ask us why, just put it down to summer madness and a mental aberration!

Half an hour later we are driving round Beziers heading for the peage gate - and notice in passing that the alert sign for the Montpellier direction is showing amber. As we queue for a ticket, by some fluke, we decide to turn on the radio - and catch a broadcast describing a traffic jam at Beziers on the A9! By now we are approaching the split - to Montpellier or Barcelona? That is the question!

At the last second, Richard changes direction and heads for Narbonne/Barcelona - apologising all the while.

What a good call! I take it all back - men CAN make a good driving decision on their own (sometimes!).
We then see the road to Sete/Montpellier is absolutely solid and three lanes of traffic are going nowhere today. As we approach Narbonne - the queue still goes on into the distance!

There but for the grace of God.....

We MUST start remembering that August is not the month to be on the roads in the South of France!


Alex said...

So what was in the drawers?

Jacqui U said...

Who says I looked?!

Mothers do not do such things......