Sunday, 12 August 2007

Sun Worshippers

How come the hairiest members of this family are the most ardent sun worshippers?!

Xena (the dog) and Smokey (the cat) LOVE sunbathing.

But when I go and sit in the shade, the dog insists on coming with me. And wherever the dog goes, the cat follows soon after.

The main difference is that one is always alert and looking for something to do, whilst the other is ..... well comatose! And I do not mean me!!

I'm bored. (says the cat)Wanna play?Oh, go on. Play with me!

How about with a stick I have just gone and got for you?

That's it! You know you want to!

Oh, please!

Pretty please!
Suit yourself, misery guts!


arnold said...

I love these picture stories check out my wifes picture story on

Jacqui U said...

Thank-you for finding/reading my blog.

I loved your wife's post re the cat and the chickens!

How come I have never 'found' your blog on the internet?! I shall certainly add it too my daily reading list!