Sunday, 26 August 2007

Simple Fun

We have started a regime - to eat out of the fridges, freezer and storage cupboards in order to reduce our spending this month (and the next hopefully!). It also includes drinking out of the drinks cabinet as well when necessary!

So, in the spirit of things and because the pastis has run out, Richard decided to become a cocktail waiter. He made Tequila Sunrise's this evening - having seen what we had hidden away in the back of the cabinet.

In order to celebrate - I decided to take a photo - it looked so good. Only problem was.......between setting the glass down and going to get the camera:
But it still looked (and tasted) good!Whilst out on the terrace, I noticed the spontaneous squeals and laughter of children enjoying themselves. Looking out, I saw a group of kids from the village (mainly 6-8 year olds with an older brother overseeing things) thoroughly enjoying themselves - innocent fun from pre-computer age. They were sitting on skateboards and whizzing down the slope past our house - just like Le Mans!

Even Xena had to come out and have a woof!


As the temperature this evening reached 35 degrees in the shade, I realised that a menu of roast chicken, pommes anna followed by a steamed roly-poly pudding (made by Nicole) was not the best of ideas!

The thought of having the oven on for two hours - was daunting. Richard offered to cook the chicken on/in the Weber BBQ, and I leapt at the chance. A change to jacket potatoes (wrapped in bacofoil and also cooked on the BBQ) followed and a wonderful meal was had by all!! Just going to serve up the roly-poly......can't do THAT pudding on the BBQ!

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