Thursday, 2 August 2007

Pushed and Shoved

Yesterday lunchtime the two teenagers suddenly remembered that they had presents to buy before Dani flew home early this morning. The sooner schools start teaching 'Forward Planning and Time Management Skills' the better I say!

Idiot that I was, I agreed to take them to Pezenas in the afternoon. Given that we regularly visit this delightful town, it came as a shock to have to queue down the street in order to get into the main car park. And I can now honestly say, we will never go there in August again - it becomes a hideous experience at this time of year.

For example, whilst trying to make progress through the heaving crowds, we came across this English family:

Was pushing the biggest, most impossible to manoeuvre buggy you can imagine. I thought they were originally designed to be small and compact, as an improvement on the pram idea?!

Two older children
Were riding on their full sized bicycles through the crowded streets - what idiot parent lets the kids come out to such a place on bikes?!

Was walking with their full grown St Bernard dog on a lead (and with a scarf tied round it's neck would you believe).

Do I need to mention that they were also talking LOUDLY about how 'nice' all the buildings and little craft shops were?

Turns out it was exceptionally busy because the sky was overcast and that put them all off going to the beach. I thought the English were hardy souls - how come my parents made us 'enjoy' ourselves at the seaside in the summer whatever the weather!

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