Friday, 10 August 2007

Our Very Own Mountain

It was the view from the terrace that sold us our house - it managed to blind us to the ruin it was attached to, but we have never regretted it for a moment. However you feel, looking out on that vista raises your spirits and puts everything back into perspective.The view is dominated by our very own mountain - Capimont - and we enjoy it everyday (here I am with one of my nieces and and one of my nephews - we are a large family!).

It was some time before we realised that what we were actually seeing was one end of a long ridge. When you decide to 'walk' up to the top and find that it is a few kilometres before you even start to climb - something tells you you should have looked at the ordinance survey map first!

At the far end of the ridge, you reach a small Xth century church which is beautiful in its simplicity. The view from the covered area in front is magnificent, and if you continue following the pilgrims' crosses, past the XVIIIth century 'sanctuary', you also discover the minute Chapelle de St Anne.

On the way, you get a perfect view of Lamalou Les Bains - and yes, you can even see our apartment building. You can understand why no one visiting will need an alarm clock with the bell tower just behind!
Although not an active church, there are masses held on the top of Capimont for the main celebrations, and when friends in our village asked if it was possible to have their youngest child christened there - they were delighted to be told 'Of course! Just remember to bring a bowl and some water, because there is not a font, nor water, nor electricity!'The ceremony was wonderful, with the sunshine through the stain glass windows producing a warm orange glow throughout.

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