Sunday, 5 August 2007

Our Pictures This Week (4)

It has been a hectic week with visitors leaving and new ones arriving. Great fun, but we need a few days just chilling!

What it meant in reality is that we did not get around to leaving much time for our pictures. In fact the girls copped out and brought to me some they had done previously! I was the only one that painted fresh - but only because I could not find my old drawing pad, if truth be told!!!

LeeLee's Picture
She says: " To be quite honest I have not done a new picture this week, so I have been a big cheat and put up one of my art projects from this year. The subject was to combine your zodiac sign and its symbol with your Chinese astrological sign and symbol. My one is obviously the Taurean bull and the Chinese horse. Although my teacher said it was too symmetrical, it is still one of my old favourites. He was always too picky! "

It is done with a mixture of watercolour pencils, gouache and gold outliner, on 200g/m2 paper, 24 x 32 cm.

Nic's Picture

She says: " This is a mandala that originally had another circle in the centre but it did not look right. So I cut it out and it could be a picture frame now. "

It is done with a poster paints, on 90g/m2 paper, 24 x 24 cm.

Mum's Picture
" When my brother and his wife visited a few years ago, they rented a house in the next village and walked over the hill (and down into our valley) to see us each day. On the way Patrick took this photo of the road through Le Pradal, showing the roadside flowers in different shades of pink through to cherry red. The wall of ivy on the right had so many different colours of yellowy green! "

It is done with watercolour paints, on 300g/m2 paper, 24 x 32 cm.

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