Thursday, 9 August 2007

Lazy Days

It is amazing how camera shy the girls become when I decide to take a photo of them mid afternoon - and they are all still in their pyjamas!

Holidays are meant to be a time when they are able to lie in to their hearts content, and Richard and I do not have a problem with this. I well remember holiday time when I was at home - and Mum hoovering every morning outside the bedrooms at 9:00am. She had no intention of changing her housework timetable just because she had teenagers at home!

The issue I do have with LeeLee is that she doesn't like to actually miss out on any one of the three meals a day, whatever time she wakes up. We have strict instructions to wake her up if lunch is imminent - so that she can fit in a quick 'nutella and toast' breakfast just before!

LeeLee has just staggered downstairs (it is 12:30 lunchtime) - and is only awake because she has just fallen out of her bed !!!

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