Monday, 27 August 2007

Hope Over Experience

We LOVE runner beans. And what can't you get here in France? Three guesses.....

When we first moved here we set about growing our own as we used to in England. At that time, we had not fully appreciated the general principle - if it is not available in the shops, it is because it will not grow here!

We persevered or, more accurately, Richard persevered. The stringless ones are difficult to pollinate in England. Here it is virtually impossible - they do not like the heat, the blazing sun or the level of humidity.

So we gave up....

This year however, when the mangetout were over, Richard decided to try again - arguing that since the summer was 'awful' by French standards, it might suit them.

He has not recovered from being told by the many local experts that his vine (which he has been training along various wires for 5 years now) has an untreatable virus and MUST be cut right back to it's roots.

If you look closely at the picture above, you can see he has been training runner bean plant(s) along the now denuded wires!

Well they are coming along - and we check them everyday. OK, every few hours to be honest. When we see the local 'black bees' diving in the flowers - we cheer! We are weird, but you never know - this could be the year of the Stringless Runner Bean.
LeeLee phoned at 2:00 am (yes - that is 2 in the morning!!!) to tell us that she had survived her three hedonistic days in Birmingham and had just got back safely to Guildford.

Can't say that Richard was chuffed to be woken up at that time - but she did the right thing.

Having promised to call when she arrived back, not realising it would be so late (or early if you want to be pedantic!), she thought we would worry if she did not call at all.

Richard was worrying, honestly - he just snores when he worries.

LeeLee read this blog to catch up on home life, and phoned back later this morning - asking why there was no mention of the burnt pot when I wrote about the roly-poly pudding yesterday.

Well it's my blog and I can censure the postings accordingly!

The fact that I forgot to regularly check that the water in the pot did not boil dry, is nobody's business but my own!

And wonderful hubby Richard - I love you so much - scrubbed it clean for me as well.

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