Saturday, 18 August 2007

Holiday Season

August is the month for going on holiday - or it is if you live anywhere but here. As the tourists arrive in droves, it is in fact a month of socialising for us in the village. Why? Because it is the lull between all the work on the vines (pruning, weeding, re-pruning, spraying, thinning out, etc) and the vendage.

With invitations galore, we spend more time away from home than at our house!

Tonight was our village get together, on the boule court. We turn up at 19:45 to help set up the tables, chairs, etc and start the eating and drinking at 20:00.

For 13 euros a head you get all the aperitifs you can drink (whilst nibbling a selection of salamis, peanuts, olives and crisps), excellent company plus the following:

Selection of crudités, salads, pizza
Gardianne de taureau with mixed white/camargue rice
Selection of cheeses
Ice cream
(Iced water and plenty of bread throughout)

What you have to remember to bring is your own plate, cutlery, glass and a bottle of wine - we actually remembered this year!It is simple, nothing fancy but virtually everyone in La Sesquiere comes.

We staggered home at about one in the morning - turns out most of the others carried on until three, and then went home for a few hours kip before going out hunting! Yes, the hunting season starts tomorrow - more about that in my next post!!


peter said...


But do you like guardian de taureaux ?

In my village, it always arrives with the consistency of old leather.

On the other hand, the greek Afelia always arrives as tender, melt in the mouth, pork or lamb.

Curious ?


Jacqui U said...

Hello Peter! Thank-you for reading my blog!

I have to agree - taureau is usually tough but this time it was actually tender although they do seem to prefer very large chunks.

There was so much sauce though that we all had trouble keeping it on the plastic plates rather than on the paper table cloth!

Best wishes