Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Going Vegetarian ?!

I know life is a bit slow down here but the highlight of my day today? A friend in the village bringing round a humongous sack of home-grown vegetables. Oh, and inviting us to her house for dinner on the 15th September.

Social calendars are booked well in advance this time of year - vendage is coming and everyone gets busy!

Now Richard and I like vegetables but are not meat-free by any means, and we now have enough healthy stuff to last us a month! But we know it won't keep that long and I have no intention of wasting such a wonderful gift.

Therefore the menu we had planned for tonight when an English friend, her two daughters and their young cousin are round for dinner, is going to change at the last minute.

Out goes the potato and leek dauphinois; in comes the stalks of all the blette, steamed and then lightly sauteed in butter. And amazingly, it was a great hit with the three visiting children!


I do not like tomatoes except in cooked dishes and there are only so many kilos of fresh ones that Richard can eat in a day. You might ask - why do you grow so many then on your terrace - and I often ask the same. Richard's reply is not really printable here however.

So last thing tonight, the leftover salad of tomato slices (in balsamic vinegar with basil), goes into the slow cooker with lightly fried onions and garlic - and as many of the 'just arrived' tomatoes as I can fit in the pot!

Left barely bubbling all night long and through to tomorrow evening - I will hopefully have a type of passata, ready to be bottled for the winter. Never tried this before but I am sure it will work......

Getting a bit worried - am I starting to turn into an Occitan Nigella Lawson !?

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