Sunday, 19 August 2007

Day Long Celebrations

We were invited to a lunch today at Josette and Cyprian's house, to celebrate the start of the hunting season.

(one of their hunting dogs showing off her new haircut and bright collar and bell).

Josette came round to check yesterday that we could come and to confirm numbers - she needed to tell Cyprian how many hares to 'bag' whilst out hunting in the morning! A bit different to writing your shopping list before driving to Tesco's !?

Asked what time to turn up, she replied: " 13:00 for aperitifs - or 15 minutes earlier if you want to watch the hare going round on its spit!"

It was a fun lunch that went on until 17:00!

Whilst drinking the aperitifs and chatting around the outdoor kitchen, we had moules cooked over the open fire by one of the guests - just a little bit of white wine, mustard (acts as a thickener), onions and fresh herbs. Delicious! Also trays of pissaledière made by another of their friends.

Sitting down at the table we had a selection of starters: eggs mimosa, tomatoes stuffed with prawns and macedoine vegetables, a salad of potatoes/eggs/roasted peppers/vegetables - to name just a few!

Then slow-cooked duck in a black olive and ceps sauce, followed by the aforementioned 'spit roasted over the open fire' hare. If fact two - one cooked by Cyprian and another being cooked at their neighbour's next door.

We then moved on to the cheeses, fresh 'peches de vigne' (a special variety not seen in England) and local white grapes. And finished off with my contribution - a chocolate cheesecake. And did I mention the champagne?!

As we staggered home we declined their invitation to go for a walk - and also their invitation to come back later for dinner at 20:00 ! There is only so much good food and alcohol we can take in one day!

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