Saturday, 11 August 2007

Commune Fete

Tonight was the 'commune' get together and good fun it was as usual. For a token 10 euro a head, you got:

Drinks (pastis, muscat, etc) whilst you chat and watch the chef at work.

Freshly cooked moules a l'americain, eaten standing up with the aperitif (a bit messy!).

At the table: A glass of punch followed by all the red, white and rosé wine you can put away.

Selection of charcuterie (lots!).

A main course of rice with something that included ecravisse and chicken portions in a tasty sauce. Even more messy! Richard regretted wearing a white shirt - I had even ironed it as well!!!

(who invited Laurel and Hardy?!)

Apple pie plus two cheeses.

Bottle of (local) bubbly with freshly picked, local 'table grapes' .

All the while, music played and people danced. Lots of children enjoying themselves, dancing with whoever happened to be on the floor at the time.

And me driving home afterwards (only a couple of minutes away luckily). The whole evening I was commiserated and told 'but you live just down the road?! No gendarmes out tonight, honestly!'

But just in case.........

As soon as I got back, a large glass of rum and coke went down well!


Alex said...

Wow, what a good menu. It puts ours to shame.

Jacqui U said...

I enjoyed it, although Richard felt a little queasy the next day! That might not have been the food though......