Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Champagne Popping!

Today was the day we have been waiting for, for so long.

The telephone rang (whilst we both had mouthfuls of lunch); the answer machine triggered; a message was left by Mr Palombo asking us to come and see him - our final papers had arrived, all ready for us to sign.

Hallelujah! Our mortgage has been agreed, and the money is available for us to buy THE apartment!

We are going to be property tycoons !

So 15:30 we knocked on our Bank Manager's door and appended our initials (to every page) and signatures to 6 sets of documents! I love the fact that we have to hand write a paragraph each time - and to make it easier, the official paperwork comes with the correct words typed in. You just have to copy them out underneath!

Mr Palombo congratulated us on the fact that we have four-months of bookings already, and gave us the good news that the purchase money does not get transferred to the Notaire until one month after we all sign the Acte de Vente. This means that in reality we are repaying the bank in arrears each month - and since we have a client that will be paying us rent from the day we purchase the apartment (a 3 month booking as well!), we will be receiving this rent each month before we actually have to pay the bank. He was rubbing his hands together in glee. We were in shock.

Does this all make sense? I am feeling a bit light headed at the moment, but who cares?!


Lesley said...

Congratulations! It has been a hard slog, but now must seem worth it. I hope that you are able to implement all the plans that you have for the place in time for your bookings. Love Lesley

Jan said...

Hi Jacqui

Congratulations on the property acquisition. Sounds good!
Thanks for the comment on Alex's blog re tablecloths - I had thought about buying material but none was wide enough. Thank goodness, as it turned out, as we now having rectangular tables! Back to Nimes to exchange the round ones we have just bought for oblongs. Ah, kids, but it is their wedding.

Jacqui U said...

Hi Lesley

The current owner's last client leaves at 10:00am and our 3-month client starts at 16:00 the same day! In between we sign the purchase deeds - so no time to do anything but shake his hand as he gives us his rent!

Hello Jan

Oh, well - happy driving to Nimes .......

Jacqui xxx