Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Booking Early

True to her word, the lady we are buying our apartment from kept a couple of days free in August for us to go and see it again to measure up, etc. We are now drawing up lists and costs for the changes we want to make, always bearing in mind the maxim 'do not over do it - remember it is not for yourselves to live in.'

The children were delighted to come along as well because they had not been inside at all!

Mme Daniel explained that a lot of her clients come back each year and like to book well ahead in order to get their 'favourite' apartments. She asked if it would be OK with us if she gave our details to those interested in renting our one. Yes! Of course!

So today we found a message left on our answer-machine from Mme Daniel. We now have our first booking - for three weeks in August 2008! That's almost two months of mortgage covered already!!

We just need to actually buy the property now......

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