Monday, 6 August 2007

Autumnal Pleasures

With a storm warning on the meteo last night for this area, we went to bed after battening down the hatches and making sure everything movable was put away. So often our kind neighbour Michael has walked up the hill with our things that have 'arrived' in his garden - the oddest must have been the large inflatable orca!

In typical 'motherly' fashion, I took one look at the grey autumnal sky this morning and decided it was time for a slow cooked mutton stew - and yes I do have Irish blood in me before you ask!

The children did not even contemplate putting a toe outside the door, let alone going for a swim. They stayed in doors, playing games and having good old-fashioned fun. The biggest hit currently is a board game called 'Dogopoly' that my niece Sheila brought back from the States. It is basically Monopoly but with a 'doggy' theme. My favourites are the metal counters you use to go round the board - a flea and a fire hydrant for example.

The cat however was not impressed !!

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