Monday, 23 July 2007

Ups and Downs of the Tourist Season

The weekend of the 14/15 July saw a dramatic change down here in the south - the tourist season well and truely started in earnest. This brings about various changes, most of which are of the negative kind - but I will try and think of some positives!

I will leave you to decide which are which:

1. Went to pick up bread at Intermarché (our favourite baker is shut on Mondays) and could not find a single free car parking space.

2. Bread shelves had been cleaned out - they also were not prepared for that weekend rush!

3. Our favourite baker opens on Tuesdays now the tourists are here.

4. Graffiti arrives all of a sudden - the rest of the year we have virtually none.

5. The markets are VERY busy.

6. Some of the brocantes charge for you to look around the stalls!

7. You have to remember to book at the local restaurants.

8. More cars on the road - watch out at junctions and roundabouts even more than usual!

9. The police do not set up mobile speed checks.
Survived the latest influx of schoolfriends round for the afternoon - luckily they stayed in the pool/garden most of the time! LeeLee requested 'food on the go' by the pool rather than a sit down dinner with the family. Told her she was responsible if any ended up in the pool filter!!

Chosen menu:
Starter - crisps
Main course - chicken strips coated in breadcrumbs and fried (ketchup on the side)
Pudding - chocolate cheesecake

With my niece arriving tomorrow, Richard and I were cleaning the house etc, and finally sat down ourselves to eat at 21:20.

LeeLee said she was hungry again, and joined in as well!

Nic had been invited by our neighbour's son to go round for dinner and then a swim - she arrived back at 21:30 and joined us at the table. Supposedly they only had seiche (squid) to eat and she was hungry again!!!


Alex said...

Hi Jacqui - just to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.

Funny but I said to Jan just this morning that I'm beginning to feel negative towards tourists for all the reasons that you mention.

Jacqui U said...

Luckily we are not too swamped yet with tourists but this region is an 'up and coming area' (as the estate agents say in England) so it will get worse. Hearing English voices around us in the streets and at the market is quite disconcerting at times! I wish they were not so loud (and often patronising) - they seem to think no one can understand them!?

I enjoy your blog every day - best wishes to Jan as well. She and Richard are saints to put up with us 'bloggers'!