Monday, 16 July 2007

The Things Mothers Stoop To....

There is an advert on TV at the moment that makes us laugh. Paraphrased, it goes a bit like this:

A little boy explains to his pet worm that his Mum had said 'If you don't eat your brown bread, you will have to eat your pet worm' and that he was holding out because basically she was kidding. Next minute, the Mum calls out for the boy to bring in the worm, and would he like it fried or roasted. The boy admits defeat and eats his bread.....

Children will always try it on - until they learn that when their parents (in our case, usually Me!) threaten to do something, they WILL follow it through.

Go back a few years to a young Nic sitting at the table refusing to finish her last bit of dinner. We explained that she had to finish her meat. She held out for quite some time, with LeeLee all the while telling her that she 'would not win!' She was left at the table on her own for a little while, and then called out that she had finished - and sure enough her plate was empty. So the evening passed happily and the girls went to bed.

We were puzzled as to why the dog (Xena) was totally focused on the computer table, lying with her nose stuffed into the crack between it and the wall. Further investigation - and we had found the meat off Nic's plate!

Next morning, we brightly told Nic that we had found some meat she had 'missed' eating from the night before and presented her with it on a plate - for her to eat. What she did not know was that we had taken some fresh beef, cut it into small pieces and cooked it just before.

With wide open, shocked eyes, and knowing there was no way out of it, she finished her 'meal from last night' with LeeLee looking on knowingly and saying 'I told you so!'

It was only recently that we admitted what we had done - and both girls exclaimed 'I don't believe it!'

What shall we have for dessert tonight? I know - how about some huge, gorgeous, juicy, sweet, picked today, just delivered, peaches! Thank-you Martine and Jean-Paul!! The crate is a bit empty because I only got around to taking a picture after we had eaten some!


Lesley said...

Hi Jacqui,
I am a blogger now, but have to think of things to write about! Yours is very entertaining and I enjoy reading it very much. Keep up the good work! Lesley

sally's chateau said...

Another 'yummy' blog from the South of France !! I'll be back for some of those gorgeous piccies

Wendz said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog - and such a miserable post it was too.

Anyway,I am glad you did as I have now found you.

Great blog you have here....I like your anecdotes and I like the simplicity of your page.

I am going to Blogroll this and will be back often.

Jacqui U said...

Welcome to our life on the web! The girls think it is 'cool' that their aunt is commenting - so many thanks, and love from us all! XXX

Have been reading and enjoying your blog for a few months and realised it was unfair that I never posted comments! I will try and keep it up!


I only found your blog recently - and enjoy it very much! Again I realised I never got around to commenting - and thought you sounded so 'low' that day. Hope you feel better?!