Saturday, 7 July 2007

Taking Responsibility

Is it just me or should people take more responsibility for their own actions?

For the past week we have been following the terrible stories on the news about all the flooding in England, and feeling incredibly sorry for the people involved.

However, I have just been listening to the news on TV where they were interviewing households effected. The main story was: why are the Government not doing more to help us, and where is all the compensation money - we need it now.

What appalled me was this statistic - one in four householders did not have any household insurance. And these were the vocal people being interviewed, screeching at the cameras that the Government (ie us UK taxpayers) should be paying for all their damage.

I am sorry - but why should money be given to repair damage that would have been covered under a normal insurance policy?! And before you say it - both Richard and I have been UK taxpayers all our working lives, and continue to pay tax in the UK even though we are now retired in the South of France.

Compensation money is valid for unforeseen events not normally covered, and for extremes of damage. Not for people who have been saving money over many years by not paying premiums.
OK, I feel better now!
Its 36 degrees outside, and the water in the pool is 27 degrees. Heaven!

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