Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Suncream and Fish

This summer is great because lots of family and friends are coming all this way to see us. We love it!
It has struck us, though, how unprepared English people often are for the level of sunshine here in the South - believe me it can be seriously hot! We use suncream of factors 30 and 40 (with 50 for the face) and are not actually sun worshippers - we just live with it all around us. Visitors bring out factor 15 - with that you show signs of sunburn after an hour on our terrace!
Lets talk fish. Not the swimming around in water type, but the 'on your plate looking tasty' ones.

We love fish and shellfish - yes, all of us including the girls. Even in England we tried to eat it regularly.

Now we live down here we are in fish-eating heaven. All the restaurants offer a good range of fish/shellfish and in general meat takes more of a back seat than at home.

I suppose we had never really considered ourselves unusual (?!), but it is surprising how many English people do not like fish.

I am puzzled how you can say you do not like fish. There are so many different textures and flavours of fish. I can understand not liking salmon (say) but preferring haddock. Or liking dover sole but not cod (by the way, have you seen the price of dover sole - it went over 30 euro a kilo this week!). But not liking 'fish' is such a generalisation. Why not try various ones, in different recipes and find out what you do/don't like more specifically.

Would anyone ever say as a generalisation 'I do not like meat' -unless they were vegetarian obviously!
We are being taken out to dinner next week by my sister and her family, who prefer meat to fish - so we are going to try the Boucherie at Magalas. This restaurant is set in the original butcher's shop and specialises in meat dishes. Will let you know what it is like!

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