Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Now, I would be the first to admit that I am not an overly maternal person. By that, I mean an overly 'they-can-do-no-wrong', child-adoring human being. I love my girls with every ounce of my being, but I am not a soppy 'Ah, Bless' type of parent.

Richard and I had a wonderful 9 years of married bliss before, one drunken walk home from friends, we chatted seriously about having children. We both recognised that we had not envisaged being childless, and that 'I suppose sooner or later we would get around to it' basically said it all. We decided that night that maybe we should get on with it.

A visit to our doctor for health checks, etc and a pep talk from him explaining that it often took many months before you got pregnant once you come off the pill - and we set off. Never believe the experts - I was pregnant within a month!

As parents, with our precious new 'LeeLee' in our arms, we always looked astonished at everyone who told us that she was beautiful - all crumpled up and red?! I don't think so! Get your eyes tested!

Like everyone else, we could not wait for her to start crawling. Then we wanted talking and walking upright! How foolish parents are - it is only then that you realise how much easier they are to look after when they stay in one place when you put them down!

Anyway, our life as a family continued happily, and 6 years later we thought about having another - we both did not feel comfortable leaving LeeLee as an only child. Once again 'super fertility' (as our Doctor laughingly called it) came into play and we were pregnant as soon as the thought was converted into action!

The girls are growing up fast with LeeLee virtually an adult, and Nic - an eleven year old going on twenty!

Which brings us back to today....

Nic has a friend staying for a sleepover (which meant Richard and I frantically cleaning the house and the girls attacking the playroom cum spare bedroom) whilst LeeLee is going to a friend's for the night.

What this means in reality is... PANIC!

Sweets, popcorn, crisps and a rented DVD for Nic.
Little present, homemade marmalade and homegrown aubergine for LeeLee.
All at the last minute because as usual with kids - they never plan ahead!

So Fréderique arriving at 14:00. LeeLee to be delivered to Bedarieux for 17:00. And Richard and I cooking the 'menu' as selected by Nic - tortillas with salsa and melted cheese to start followed by chicken fajitas.

Then we find out that LeeLee would like to have some friends over next week - two girls sleeping over Sunday night and three boys joining them on the Monday (Richard is not yet ready for mixed sleepovers!).

Oh well - we try and convince ourselves that our pre-children days were not really so wonderful as we remember them!
Just found an answer machine message left today by our Bank Manager - our mortgage has been agreed and we can go ahead with buying our apartment in Lamalou-les-Bains. Time to open the champagne we have in the fridge!

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