Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Who was the fool that mentioned he had seen 'sales' signs outside the various shops on the way to Bedarieux?! Or more to the point - said it in a voice that could be picked up by the highly-developed hearing systems of teenage daughters! So that finished off our quiet day.

We visited:

(40 minutes and lots of trying on, some buying),

(20 minutes, nothing of interest in the cheap enough range),

(40 minutes, lots of trying on, sulks when told NO)

Sport 2000
(30 minutes, lots of yearning looks at the 'still too expensive even when in the sale' designer trainers).

What we ended up with was:

(regretting not putting his book in the car),

(losing her patience over the usual recurring whingeing from the children),

(I know I chose to have an allowance rather than pocket money but I still don't see why that means I have to pay for all my own clothes whilst she doesn't),

Almost Teenager
(why can't I have this even if it is not the right size).

We must be suckers - we mentioned going to Beziers this week to buy some more teaspoons, and once again have acquired two passengers who imagine our sole aim is to visit every clothing establishment in the town.

I hope the holidays are over soon?!
This week was meant to have a few days 'free' at the apartment so we could do some measuring up, etc.
Not so - it is fully booked now unfortunately! A disabled person needed accommodation that would take a wheelchair - and that meant the owner had to fill in the remaining gaps in the bookings for our apartment. Oh well, it does mean it is in demand and therefore a good investment!

She hopes to be able to juggle a couple of free days in August for us. I suppose we could book it ourselves?!
Happy birthday to my sister Lesley today! Unfortunately she is at work, so will be celebrating at the weekend- we hope you enjoy yourself!

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