Friday, 27 July 2007

Sand Between The Toes


I promised the girls a trip to the beach - so decided to go somewhere different that would have fewer people.

The coast road from Marseillan-Plage to S├Ęte follows the long offshore sand bar that separates the Mediterranean and the Etang du Thau. This means that alongside the road, there is a glorious, clean, narrow sandy stretch of beach with the Med just beyond. Miles of it!

Because there are no facilities (and I mean No FACILITIES!), many tourists are deterred from coming here to swim and sunbath. It does however attract the motorhomes, because you can just pull up and park by the side of the road, and step out the door directly onto the sand.
Don't get me wrong, it gets busy and the road becomes clogged - but the beach is nowhere near as crowded as places like Valras-Plage and Vias-Plage.

So that's where I decided to take the girls. They were very sceptical at first - especially when they heard that we had to be out the door by 8:30, which meant they needed to be woken up at 7:30 (even to go to the beach and get wet, they need an hour to get ready?!).

The trip was easy with no traffic problems - and we were on the beach 50 minutes after we left the house. It was wonderful - still hot even at that time in the morning but not seriously hot. A light breeze. Some people already in the water swimming and plenty of empty sand to lay down our towels!
I went in immediately, but the girls were not too sure - however two minutes of watching me floating gently on the waves and they were in as well!We then lay on our towels reading and listening to music through headphones. Heaven!
Unfortunately, because we had to be back by lunchtime (we were picking up the bread on the way) and I needed to stop off at a shop on the outskirts of Beziers, we had to hit the road by 10:40. It took us one hour just to reach Beziers because all the world and their mothers were out and about - that's the tourist season for you!

The children voted it better than either of their favourite beaches! Monday we are going there again - but with a picnic for lunch this time!

Remember to take plenty of water. We half fill plastic bottles and keep them in the big freezer. When we go out, we top some up with water (or squash) and take them with us. An ice cold drink, as and when you want it!
This is also done in the village when there is a party coming up. We all take a few topped-up bottles with us and it provides water for the pastis!


Lounging in the pool and stretched out on the decking, I think. It's a hard life - are we making you jealous?!


Happy Birthday Jenny (Leigh's best friend since Reception Class in England)! Looking forward to seeing you next week!

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