Sunday, 1 July 2007

Rainy Sunday

I cannot say that Lesley and Steve have been blessed with the best of weather during their holiday with us, which has been disappointing to say the least.

A glorious Saturday complete with some time at the beach, led into a dull and overcast Sunday that justified them bringing their rain macs. So what shall we do? I know - lets go and walk around Pezenas!

I must say it was worthwhile. During the tourist season, there are lots and lots of little shops including crafts, artists, crystals and anything else you can think of. Every year there is something different, and the children always find something to spend their pocket money on.

There is one particular shop they love - and that is a jewelry maker. I cannot remember the name this late at night but I will ask LeeLee tomorrow and update this blog. The lady designs and makes her own pieces as well as selling standard silver items.

True to form, it was Nic this time who succumbed and bought one of her rings. The lady never rushes you, making sure you chose the correct size and lets the children try on many different styles until they pick their favourite - even though the final sale only came to 9 euro. A professional!

Walking round and appreciating the well renovated architecture of the 'old town' is always a delight. Being able to look through the various propped-open heavy wooden doors, into the unexpected inner courtyards - wonderful!

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