Thursday, 12 July 2007

Blogging and the Police

Members of the public have no real conception of how demoralised, frustrated and increasingly volcanic (ready to erupt) the run-of-the mill police officers are in the UK.

Being swamped by the ever increasing demand for duplicate, triplicate, even quadruplicate (?) paperwork as well as being shackled by the 'Political Correctness' rules, means that forces are reaching crisis levels. So many long-serving, dedicated officers are ready to throw in their helmets, if they have not done so already.

When blogs originally started, people discovered they were a perfect way to let off steam and police officers were no exception.

However, a directive that came out in early 2006 made it a serious offence in the Met (other forces possibly did the same) to write work-related blogs if you were a serving officer.

With so much to lose (not only your job, your pension but for some people their home if they live in a police house) most blogs written by police officers were discontinued.

However a few brave bloggers have continued to post - and one in particular is the anonymous Inspector Gadget.

I found his post that details the Jedi Knight legend from the Met - and it was amusing to read it again. One of those 'believe it or not' stories that worryingly you know could have actually happened!

An interesting point however, is that some senior officers have realised the power of the 'blogged word'. They have set up pseudo bloggs and use them as vehicles to disseminate the official line on various issues!

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Inspector Gadget said...

Thnaks for the link. Your ruin and life sound amazing. I am very interested to hear which Blogs you think may be official ones in disguise? If you let me know perhaps I can do some digging in cyberspace and then out them - I have thousands of readers a day so this would be easy. Please let me know by leaving a comment on the latest post. Thanks again.