Monday, 30 July 2007

Natural Exfoliation

According to the Internet, I should now have a glowing complexion and any fine lines I might have had (!) should now be less visible.


Because I was naturally exfoliated today!

Before you get any strange ideas about what us retired folk get up to in a hot climate........

I took the girls to the beach again as promised and there was a brisk breeze - which meant sand flying at us all the time. It seems I have had 'all the surface layer of dead cells' removed by this natural exfoliating phenomena - and without having to pay salon prices!

Do I look any different? Well according to Richard we all look a bit red - does that count?!

We stuck it out for three hours - nothing was going to get two teenagers away from sunbathing on a beach even if it meant wrapping a towel around their heads to try and stop the sand going in their eyes and ears. Then we headed home in time to get the house all clean and tidy before my sister Una and her husband Mike arrived at 15:00.

What happened?! They arrived early, just half an hour after us!

So is the house still a mess? Yes!

Did we have a great afternoon and evening, eating and drinking copiously? Well what do you think!!!

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