Friday, 6 July 2007

Holiday in the South

Tomorrow is changeover day for a house we keep an eye on for friends. It is a large 3-bedroomed town house with garage and roof terrace in Autignac - a typical French village (with the usual bar/café, restaurants, etc) midway between us and the Mediterranean.

What surprised us was that a family has rented it for 3 weeks (whilst they sort out buying their own place in Autignac) for just under £600 ! For three weeks in July in the South of France!! How come there were no bargains like that when we wanted to come down here for a holiday from the UK!
The girls and I love doing jigsaw puzzles (I know, we are a bit odd but you have to make your own entertainment down here!) and have discovered two new types that are amazing.

In the past Mordillo and Loup jigsaws have been our favourites - very detailed cartoon pictures with lots going on.

Now we are into WASGIJ? These are also very 'busy' cartoons but there are two particular types we love:

1. The picture on the box is not what you have to make. You imagine yourself in this picture but looking back out of the picture. What you see is what the puzzle is. Great fun! Lesley & Steve bought one for us this visit, and we have done it again three times since they left!
2. Once again the picture on the box is not what you have to make. The puzzle is the same picture but moved on in time. So the people are older, and the buildings etc have been developed on, becoming more modern for example. Even more difficult!

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