Monday, 9 July 2007

Fruit and Fur

With our cherry tomatoes in full production now, we were delighted to be able to begin paying back our various friends in the village.

They are incredibly generous giving us so much in the way of sanglier, fruit, veg and eggs during the year. So a few days ago we delivered our first consignment of tomates cerises - which they tend not to grow locally.

Today the door bell rings and as a thank-you, Martine has brought us a basket of their 'just picked' peaches. And look at the size of them! Yes that is a large egg next to them for comparison!

They tasted absolutely incredible - juicy and flavoursome, still warm from the sun!


We have not made much progress today with our jigsaw. Cannot think why?!


We have just watched an incredible programme on BBC1 called 'Fight For Life'. This first episode examined the birth process showing how babies deal with the trauma, and what happens when something goes wrong. The graphics and camera work were superb - we all were enthralled!

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