Sunday, 22 July 2007

Family Readathon

Yesterday was the day that LeeLee has been counting down to - along with millions of other people around the world! Yes, she is a Harry Potter fan!

Saw her with Richard at the Presse in Bedarieux, buying the second to last copy of the latest Harry Potter book.

LeeLee started reading it, curled up on the sofa.

LeeLee finished the book (with a short break for lunch in the interim).

Brilliant! Very detailed, which meant she read it more slowly than normal. She was worried about missing important info if she speed-read as she normally does! LeeLee thought it tied up all the bits from all the other novels brilliantly, and you really had to have remembered all these bits - just one mention in passing to a 'name' in one book became important in this the last book for example. She can't wait to read it again! And all the 'cheats' on the internet (which she went and read after finishing the book) were lies!

Richard started reading the book.

Richard finished the book.

Excellent! Very detailed and covered everything you always wondered about from the other books and much, much more.

I started reading the book, but unlike LeeLee and Richard (who have done this before), I have no intention of reading through the night! I will continue it today - with breaks for cleaning the house, getting things ready for LeeLee's sleepover, cooking, etc.

Will keep you posted!

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