Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Today was my three-monthly check up at the doctors. Our medecin traitment is a slim, fit, handsome, charming Frenchman who you would guess to be in his early thirties or younger. However since we know his son started college the same year as LeeLee, he must be at least 36.

Anyway, he was very very pleased with me - all pulse points good and consistent, blood pressure perfect, chest and heart as they should be and the arthritis in the top of my spine - not bothering me too much at the moment. Great! I got up to leave.....

But, he said, we might as well check your weight etc whilst you are here. Oh, I said, OK.

Height and weight input into his new computerised record keeping system - told him my BMI (Body Mass Index) was 27 when it should be 25.

He said "Your height is a little bit short for your weight, so we just need to lose 4 kilos and your BMI will be as it should."

I mentioned that at my age (44) weight can a problem, I imagine.

He agreed, and sympathised since he was going to be 46 in August this year! If I could have remembered sufficient swear words in French I would have used them all!

The conversation continued:
Do you eat chocolate or sweets?
- No.
- No
- A little but not much.
Ah, what else is there?!
- I suppose it will have to be exercise then.

Interestingly, not once was alcohol mentioned....

PS I knew it was not a good idea to get patient records computerised!

Whilst typing this in the semi-darkness (everyone else is in bed fast asleep), I missed keyed a strange combination and my blog editing window went 'full screen'.

Since some bright spark decided to get one of these fancy 'lots of extra buttons which you never actually use' keyboards, I have just spent an embarrassing 15 minutes trying to remember how to toggle back. I resorted to the age old IT Department last resort solution (press everything and see what happens) but it did not work - even with all those extra buttons to press!

However remembering some dim and distant instructions I managed to get the help screens up and found the right answer - Alt Enter. It is easy when you remember how......

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