Thursday, 19 July 2007

Bummer, Bummer, Bummer

What a bummer of a day. It started off OK, just degenerated from 15:00 onwards.


Richard and I presented ourselves at the bank with our glasses on (well Richard anyway) and a pen in our grubby mitts, all ready to sign the mortgage documents this afternoon. Hurrah!

Until the bank manager mentioned in passing:
1. The bank has agreed to the lower, original interest rate.
Great we said.
2. The term has had to be reduced by 5 months because a mortgage has to finish by the time you are 70 years old (life insurance rockets after that age it seems).
OK, we say, that's not a great problem.
3. The bank will not loan the Notaire's fees of 4,900 euros, so we are not actually getting a full 100% mortgage.
What? we exclaim!
Just bring over the excess 5,000 euros from England, says Mr Palumbo. You surely have money over there?

So that was that. What do we do now? We do NOT have a spare 5,000 euros sitting around doing nothing in England.

Back home, we have sent an e-mail to the Immobilier asking him to call urgently.

Lets go and get drunk. Oh, forgot, tonight we are taking the girls out to dinner for their 'it's the holidays' meal - Buffalo Grill in Beziers (their choice). So only one of us able to get drunk and it won't be me because I'm driving!

Evening (22:00):

Just home from the restaurant and stuffed to the gills with good food. The Buffalo Grill is not a 'french' restaurant by any means but it consistently delivers a perfect fillet steak with roquefort sauce - and sometimes that is what you really fancy!
(Sorry none of the pictures are brilliant tonight - but I had other things on my mind!)

Evening cont. (22:30)

It is a muggy evening, so Nic and I decide on a swim. The others chickened out so it was just us two under the stars. It was wonderful! 28 degrees in the pool and it cooled us down perfectly! See you tomorrow....

Going To Bed (23:00):

Just shutting down the PCs on my way to bed and find an e-mail from our Immobilier. He has found two banks that will loan 100% including the Notaire's fees - and has included a contact name and telephone number! And is going to phone to speak to us tomorrow!!!!!


Lesley said...

Oh dear! I hope it can be sorted out quickly. I suppose there is no Plan B! Thinking of you. Love Lesley

Jacqui U said...

Richard popped into the other bank in Lamalou this morning and the Manager there said they provide full 100% mortgages - so we have an appointment on Monday with him. Keep your fingers crossed!

Have a good weekend!