Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Another Of Those Days

We seem to have an inordinate number of 'one of those days'! Come on, be honest - is it us?!

Got up REALLY early today in order to go to Montpellier airport to pick up my youngest niece (almost 17 - I am getting old!), and found the dog having an epileptic fit. Xena has them about once every three months and the vet says just to comfort her - they are infrequent and so medication is not going to make any difference. I sat with her for half an hour, stroking and talking to her all the time, until it passed. She then gets up all bouncy and looks at you as if to say - What?!

Richard carried her down the stairs (which are dangerous at the best of times for both man and dog) and Xena was NOT impressed at all!

Not sure what set her off. Hope it wasn't because I trimmed about three inches off her ears a few days ago! Doesn't she look odd - big head, short ears - not a true Sussex Spaniel trim! But better for her in this hot weather.

By then I was running very late - even LeeLee was ready (yes, miracles sometimes happen). Whilst in the shower, Richard came to tell me that one of the PC monitors was not working - he swapped them over just to check and sure enough it was defunct. So that is another expense. It also means having to use the gaming PC, much to the girls' disgust, which does not have my usual programmes.

Picked up Dani at the airport with no problems - other than we ended up with time to spare since very few others were on the road. Why do men always leave either far too much or far too little time for journeys?!

I am now attempting to check our four e-mail accounts using Orange FR (abysmal) and trying to update my blog via E-Blog in French. Ten minutes later I remembered I could change the language. Der!

Apologies to Alex (I read his excellent blog everyday) for taking so long to upload his comment!

This afternoon Richard took some of our little tomatoes to Eric & Chrystel - and they kindly gave us a courgette. Yes, Richard came back with ONE courgette which you might think odd (he correctly said one would be enough even though we do like courgettes) but look at the picture!
The bottom one - we pick our own courgettes when they are 'baby'.
The middle one - the market sells them 'normal' sized.
The top one - a La Sesquière special!

PS Almost forgot the good news!
The owner of our apartment has agreed to extend the deadline for our mortgage by one month and we went to sign the paperwork at her place today. She mentioned that one of her 'regulars' wanted to book his favourite apartment (our one!) for next year - would we consider letting him book it from us? He has been renting the same apartment for the same month for many years. Yes! We love you Mme Daniel!

PPS I have gone off daughters!
Reading this over my shoulder, LeeLee has just reminded me that I have a Great-Nephew who is 17. Therefore I lied earlier - I am not old, but ancient!!!!

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