Sunday, 10 June 2007

Generosity and Sobriety

We have such generous friends in the village (pictured above at a New Year's party at Eric and Chrystal's house), who all live by the premise that 'when you have plenty, you share it with others'. What this means in practise is that we regularly receive gifts of whatever is currently in season:

- sanglier (opened the front door many a morning in my dressing gown to find a man holding a raw leg, on the doorstep)

- strawberries (these arrive 3 kilos at a time in paniers)

- cherries (carrier bags of white, red and morello as well as 'special ones' off a tree that NEVER gets treated with chemicals and are saved for family and close friends only)

- peaches ( when asked if I liked peaches I innocently answered yes, and found a commercial crate load of the most luscious and freshest peaches you can imagine on the terrace the next day)

- walnuts (what does anyone do with 5 kilos of these?!)

- beetroots (when around at our neighbour's house Richard admired their beetroots and mentioned I was the only one in our family who liked them; next day I found a bag of 8 hanging on the door handle)

I could go on, but the point I want to make is that Richard and I feel so guilty not having much to give back except homemade marmalade. This morning, though, one of my lettuces on the terrace looked wonderful even if I say so myself - large and unslugged - and far too impressive to waste on ourselves. So off I trotted to our friends opposite, and gave to Chrystal the salade. But what happens? She immediately hands me back a basket of fresh eggs that her young daughter had just collected and was going to bring round to us! That will be our favourite 'eggs and ham' for Sunday brunch then!

Anyone out there reading my blog would know I usually re-read my draft the next morning before publishing it - to strip out the late night drunken tirades.

But not this week - deciding that lots of medication probably should not be mixed with alcohol, I am living a life of sobriety. So any tirades will be published on the day - and cannot be blamed on any prohibited substances!

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