Sunday, 3 June 2007

Odd Thoughts

Early Saturday morning after yet another late night eating and drinking at a friends' house in the village ......... having remembered during the night that I had not loaded the final version of yesterday's 'post' onto our blog!

What I did not expect to be doing was editing html code - I thought I had left that all behind at work! But I had forgotten the rule that however wysiwyg something is meant to be, it is invariably simpler to get things consistent by editing the behind-the-scenes code. Enough geekyness for now ...

With strict instructions from the girls not to wake them up until 11:30, Richard has gone to get bread so that we can have a quiet breakfast together before lunch time. The only day there is not school/college in this household is Sunday - so this is the only day we all can enjoy a lie-in. The girls however, whilst wanting to catch-up on sleep, do not under any circumstances want to miss out on an actual meal. So hence it will be 'nutella on bread' at 11:30, just in time for lunch at 12:30.

LeeLee spent Friday in Montpelier on a school trip - Herault ran a book project where college students were given 4 newly released books to read, discuss and vote on. They then got the chance to meet the winning author and question them on their creative processes. What was the first thing our eldest cherub commented on, on her return? At lunchtime the students were let loose in the city to find their own lunch and LeeLee immediately proposed a quick trip to McDonald's (one of the things she misses most about living down here). Horrified - her friends said 'Yuk! We're not eating awful junk food like that!' - so they ended up at a super little Turkish cafe in the back streets that one of them knew, where even LeeLee admitted that the food was absolutely fantastic!

I take it all back - children are wonderful! Nic has just staggered down the stairs two hours early to give me my Mother's Day present - this beautiful collage that she made after spending many days secretly searching for photos on our computer! I love it!

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