Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Noises and Success

Sorry for the delay in this post - our internet connection has been down for 24 hours!


The deafening cacophony of baby bird noises that greeted me as I went out on the terrace very early this morning, tells me hatching season has commenced. The bounce in the step of our remaining cat tells me she is looking forward to a bumper crop this year. The parent birds nest in the walls of our remise, entering through incredibly minute gaps between the stones. As the fledglings emerge, even the blindest, fattest, slowest old feline can just sit with their mouth open and munch all day!


Our meeting with the immobilier and the vendeurs of our apartment went exceedingly well with many issues discussed and amicably resolved. The list of contents supplied was extremely detailed (the number of clothes pegs?). Our concern over the back boundary of the courtyard was resolved by their suggestion that we put up a 2 metre trellis/fence as soon as possible so that it is in place when any future purchasers of the other apartments come viewing and before the document for the copropriété is finalised. The purchase contract was then read out, we followed virtually every word and paid our deposit. This had been a pleasant surprise when we received the draft contract - they were only seeking a basic 2000 euro acompte rather than the standard 10%. Mr Roques then went hot-foot to the notaire to lodge the paperwork, which will be back with us tomorrow to give to the bank. Scary or what?!


Lamalou has an impressive outdoor swimming complex which is only open to the public for one month of the year (!) July. In June the schools have the use of it for lessons - and so from now until the end of term, Nic spends each morning of every school day there. We got a surprise when we drove into Lamalou yesterday - seeing our daughter plus class mates walking along the storm drain/conduit that runs through the town - it seems it is the quickest route! They believe in making sure all kids can float!

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