Thursday, 7 June 2007

Home Grown Dinner

As a couple who have worked full time and long/odd hours all their life, we are often asked 'What exactly do you find to do all day long now?!'

Well, I watch our vegetables and fruit grow! Anyone who knows me, knows that manual labour is not my strong point but down here - wow, do fruit and veg grow easily!

Mangetout and french beans - pop the seeds in the ground, attach them to the automatic watering system and up they sprout.
Tomatoes, lettuces, aubergine, peppers, courgettes and strawberries - buy the little plants at the market, put them in the ground, attach them to the automatic watering system and watch them grow.

You might have spotted a common feature - and this is Richard's project. The magic 'automatic watering system' is the key for us. So far we only grow fruit/veg on our terrace - we have not even started on the garden yet!
So I went out onto the terrace, picked the above, and our dinner tonight was as follows:

Side salad : homegrown lettuce and green peppers

Marinated and barbecued lamb leg steaks

Simple stir fry : homegrown courgettes, french beans and mangetout

Homegrown strawberries with homemade ice cream

Yep - it was wonderful and tasty! If we could just work out how to keep sheep and cows (without over taxing ourselves ........... ) it would have been homegrown lamb and cream as well!

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